Film based on 3 horror stories by the renowned writer Mariana Enriquez (rights already acquired). Screenplay written by Benjamin Naishtat ("Red", "History of Fear").

feature fiction film



  • Mostra Cine
  • Ajimolido Films
  • Caponeto (Mexico)

One hot summer at the beginning of the new millennium and on the eve of the great economic crisis of the year 2001, a group of adolescent girls falls madly in love with a boy called Diego. The romance is interrupted when Diego starts hanging out with Silvia, a 30-year-old woman he met in a chat room. Then Natalia, one of the teenagers, decides to turn to the knowledge of her grandmother Rita, and thus ward off the disappointment by using an ancient dark power.

director mostra cine

Laura Casabé

Laura Casabé was trained by Emir Kusturica and studied scriptwriting at the New York Film Academy. Her first film, "Benavidez's case", participated in Blood Window (Cannes, Sitges, FrightFest, Bafici and Morbido, receiving 6 international awards. Her last film, "The returned", had its world premiere in the official selection of Mar del Plata Film Festival, winning 3 awards including Best Mercosur Movie. It also participated in Rotterdam, BIFAN, BIFF, Sitges, among others.