Based on real events, from the life of Andrea Casamento.


  • Malaga Film Festival Latinoamerican Focus Selection for Coproduction Forum (Spain)
  • INCAA, Raymundo Gleyzer lab for development (Argentina)
  • Ministry of Culture of the City of Buenos Aires, metropolitan fund award for financing (Argentina)

feature fiction film


Andrea’s life, a middle-class woman, changes drastically when her 18 year-old son ends up in jail falsely accused for a misdemeanor he did not commit. Now she must dedicate his days to freeing him from jail. To release him, she has to face the bureaucracy of the judicial system, prisoner abuse, but above all her own prejudices, values and beliefs. She will realize of this powerful change when she can’t help falling in love with a convict.

director mostra cine

Benjamín Avila

Benjamín Ávila is a film director and producer. His debut film "Clandestine Childhood" was presented in the La Quinzaine des Réalisateurs at the Cannes Festival and represented Argentina as a pre-candidate for the Oscars; in addition to being nominated for best Ibero-American film at the Goya Awards. It also won the Casa de América Award at the San Sebastián Festival, the Mayahuel Award at the Guadalajara Festival, the Golden Colon at the Huelva Festival and the Coral Award for best script at the Havana Festival.