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  • Los Griegos Producción
  • Mostra Cine

Betty is a single mother and works in a factory as an operator. Her son Juan Ángel is a teenager who is beginning his gender transition process. Betty falls in love with Rada, the gym teacher who bullies her son at school and pretends to be a businessman at night. A film about love, the search for a family and the possibility of being who we really are.

director mostra cine

Santiago Giralt

Santiago Giralt studied cinema at the Film University of Buenos Aires. He was also an artistic resident at the Banff Center for the Arts and was invited by the United States Department of State to its International Writers Program. He is an actor, filmmaker, screenwriter, writer and playwright. He was the screenwriter of films like "Cordero de Dios" and "Toda la gente sola". He directed 9 feature films, among them the saga "UPA", "Jess and James" and "Everybody alone"; winning prizes at some of the most important film festivals in the world.