BAFICI, Short Film Selection (Argentina) Alicante Film Festival, Short Film Competition (Spain)


SEFF - Santiago del Estero Film Fest, Short Film Competition (Argentina)


Leonardo Favio National Film Festival, Short Film Competition (Argentina)


ADF International Festival of Cinematographic Photography, Short Film Competition (Argentina)


FESAALP - La Plata Latin American Film Festival, Short Film Competition (Argentina)


National Short Film Festival "Calzate estos cortos", Short Film Competition (Argentina)


Luz del Desierto International Festival, Short Film Competition (Argentina)

short film



Celina and Alejo have gone through a rough patch for almost as long as they have had Camilo, who is 4 years old. Alejo’s mother gives them a voucher for a hotel night and offers to look after the kid for the night. The proposal feels weird to them, but they do their best to live the experience enthusiastically.

director mostra cine

Martín Turnes

Martín Turnes studied cinema at the University of Buenos Aires. He is a director and cinematographer, member of Puente Films, Colectivo de Cineastas (CdC) and Autores de Fotografía Cinematográfica Argentina (ADF). He directed “Pichuco”, “Boatmen”, “Balaclava” and “By the river” . He was director of photography for “Alicia”, “Mekong-Paraná”, “¡Yallah! ¡Yallah!”, “Bullseye”, “Hidden the sun”, “Who killed Mariano Ferreyra?” and “Kartun, the year of Salomé”, among others.