Cinema Latino Americano di Trieste Official Selection


Cine de América Film Festival Official Selection

feature fiction film



Jotta has to move everything from his mother's house, who died after suffering a long and painful cancer. A story that shows how we go into crisis with our own ideas in the face of death, and how we seek answers wherever we can.

director mostra cine

Alejandro Rath

Alejandro Rath studied film at Buenos Aires University. He works at film industry as an editor, screenwriter, director and producer. His first film was the "¿Who killed Mariano Ferreyra?" was awarded at the FICIP, and nominated by Argentinean Film Critics Association for the Silver Condor. His second documentary "Manifiesto" was screened at the Doc Lisboa Festival, starring Iván Moschner and Pompeyo Audivert. "Alicia" is his first feature fiction film.