Porto Alegre International Fantastic Film Festival (FANSTASPOA)

International Competition

feature fiction film



After 8 years in prison, former police officer Román Maidana is released on temporary freedom for the death of his father, a former commissioner of the Federal Police. He returns to his hometown which is in suspense due to the recent disappearance of a teenager. An old girlfriend from the past returns almost like a ghost to encourage him to disarm a network of women trafficking.

director mostra cine

Nicolás Herzog

Nicolás Herzog has a degree in Communication Sciences from the University of Buenos Aires. He worked for several years as a producer and director of commercials, documentaries and TV. He directed the telefilm "Blues Maestro" (2006); the "3D series, 3 decades of Democracy" (2014) and the feature films "Red Orchestra" (2010); "Night Flight" (2017) and "The shadow of the rooster" (2020).