mostra cine

MOSTRA produces feature films, tv-series and documentaries for the national and international market. For us, producing is a creative act. Our films have premiered at international film festivals, have been released in cinemas and been broadcast on TV. They have won several national and international awards.

We firmly believe that compelling stories can inspire people to question the world they live in and make them want to change it. We produce films that challenge the mind, move the heart and entertain the soul.

We have forged stable, personal relationships within both the Argentine and the international film industry. We are committed to nurturing and extending these relationships. Our creative partnerships are based on trust and respect, allowing for constructive discussions and a shared passion for films.

For each and every one of our films, we strive to find the path best suited to reaching its widest possible audience. Our productions should be seen and should be moving.


Executive Producer


Executive Producer