- INCAA incubator contest for financing support and project development (Argentina)

- Doclisboa Film Festival, Coproduction Forum (Portugal)

The director Toia Bonino is the granddaughter of the former secretary general of the Italian fascist party and right hand of Benito Mussolini. Mr. Bonino wrote a book "Mussolini mi ha detto" which was found in the private library of Juan Domingo Perón. The film is a look into the intimacy of that intimate world in a family where only women have survived. A movie about fascism as an affirmation of infinite power, as this impossible ideal is disseminated, to the point of suffocation, in tiny daily gestures.

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Toia Bonino

Toia Bonino has a degree in Visual Arts and another one in Psychology, graduated from the University of Buenos Aires. She directed two feature films, ORIONE (2017), with which she received the Best Director Award at BAFICI, Best Film and Best Editing at FIDBA and premiered internationally at IDFA and Lima Film Festival. His second feature film LA SANGRE EN EL OJO (2020) premiered in the Argentinean competition at the Mar del Plata Festival. His work was screened at Marfici, and in "El cine es otra cosa" at MAMBA.